Couch Taters Podcast: Succession & A Lack of Other Hobbies

Capri’s sitting out this week so Jackson calls in guest Tater CJ to gush about Succession (the television show, don’t worry Capri will be back!) and explain how 90% of their communication is through screencaps of the show (0:00), work through their feelings on Mindhunter’s weird but brilliant second season (22:52), talk about how little they can personally relate to Netflix’s Unbelievable but how the show helps expand their worldview (29:19), touch on the triptastic Undone on Amazon, and look forward to the show giving them the most nervous excitement: Mr. Robot (39:00)

Also, CJ gives a quick dive into obscure employment law and the classic Swedish case of two people in pig masks having public sex on top of a wooden monument. We’ve all been there right? (49:32)


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